Scholarships and Awards

The following are named scholarship funds that assist students who will continue their education at Santa Rosa Junior College or transfer from SRJC to a four-year institution. This support and encouragement of higher education is greatly appreciated by the SRJC Board of Trustees, SRJC Foundation Board of Directors, SRJC staff, faculty, administration, and students.

49-50 Football Team Mastins/Cusick/Charlesworth Scholarship

AAA Public Safety Scholarship

Adult Literacy Awards Program

Robert F. Agrella Scholarship

Bruce Dean Albertson Scholarship

Allan Family Native American Scholarship

Jon Altimori Memorial Scholarship for El Molino High School Graduates

Alves Family Scholarship for Learning Disabilities

Edith M. Amateau Memorial Scholarship

American AgCredit Agricultural Scholarship

American Association of University Women Healdsburg Al Garren Scholarship

American Association of University Women Petaluma Scholarship

American Association of University Women Santa Rosa Scholarship

American Legion Song Bourbeau Book Award

American Legion Auxiliary Theodore Roosevelt Unit #21 Memorial Scholarship

American Legion Post #21 Scholarship, In Memory of Deceased Comrades

American Legion Riders Chapter 111 Sgt Ryan James Connolly Memorial

American Medical Response Foundation for Research and Education Foundation Paramedic Scholarship

American Vineyard Shone Farm Viticulture Internship Award

Nick Anast Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Courtenay W. Anderson Chemistry Scholarship

Anonymous 100th Anniversary Student Success Endowment

Anonymous SRJC Nursing Scholarship

Artists Round Table Award

ASCCA Chapter 28 Automotive Scholarship

Associated General Contractors Scholarship

Diane Babitz Memorial Psychiatric Nursing Scholarship

Floyd P. Bailey Memorial Outstanding Transferring Student Scholarship

Marie Griffith Bailey Memorial Reentry Scholarship

Stephen J. Barnhart Herbarium Pepperwood Internship Fund

George and Vivian Bech Memorial Scholarship

Charles Belden Memorial Vocational Education Scholarship

Dorothy Bell-Becker Memorial Elementary Education Scholarship

Jane Benet Culinary Scholarship

Larry and Rosie Bertolini Athletic Scholarship

Larry Bertolini Day Under the Oaks Agriculture Scholarship

Christine A. Biagi Memorial Art Scholarship

Bob Blanchard-SRJC Administration of Justice Faculty Scholarship

Richard Blewett Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Michael Bloom Memorial Agriculture Scholarship

Hermelinda Diaz Blume EOPS Scholarship

Hermelinda Diaz Blume Scholarship

Bodega Bay Allied Arts Scholarship

Mark Stephen Bollinger Memorial Endowment

Joan Borecky Health Sciences Scholarship

Lt. Glenn R. Bothwell Memorial Music Scholarship

Yvonne Boulleray Culinary Scholarship

Grace and Clifford Bowen Agriculture Scholarship

Bert and Olive Bower Memorial Transferring Student Scholarship

John and Mildred Boyle Memorial Scholarship for Education Majors

Patrick Boyle Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Bill Bramson Vocational Nursing Scholarship

Brelje and Race Civil Engineering Scholarship

Renata Breth, Steve Osborn, and Celeste Osborn Breth Study Abroad Scholarship

Harry M. and Wilma M. Briggs Scholarship

Larry Broderick and the Kut-Ups of Rohnert Park Music Scholarship

Brotman Family Scholarship Fund

David R. Brown Memorial Scholarship

Melissa Brown Reentry Scholarship

Walt Brown Memorial Engineering Club Scholarship

C. Howard and Yumiko Bryan Business Scholarship

Dowell Thurman Bryant Book Award

Elizabeth Burbank Memorial Transferring Scholarship

Luther Burbank Botany Scholarship

B. Robert Burdo Culinary Arts Center Endowment

John M. Burke Family Scholarship

Kieran C. Burke Memorial-Patianna Organic Vineyards Agriculture Scholarship

Harold Pasmore Burrell Memorial Civil Engineering Scholarship

Cal Alumni Club of Oakmont Scholarship in Honor of Susan Millar

Call Child Development Internship

Allen and Ada Call Memorial Electrical Engineering Scholarship

Robert and Richard Call Outstanding Student Athlete Scholarship

Patricia J. Callahan and Davis Bernstein Scholarship for Latino Women in Science and Health Care

Denise Calvert Scholarship

Thomas and Evelyn J. Campion Memorial Scholarship, EOPS

Thomas and Evelyn J. Campion Memorial Reentry Scholarship

Eugene S. Canevari Associated Students Award

Ashley Carlson Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Carlson Memorial Scholarship for Disability Resources

Sue Carlson Memorial ESL Scholarship

Major William C. Carr Memorial Continuing Engineering Scholarship

Major William C. Carr Memorial Transferring Engineering Scholarship

Jamie Lee Carrell Memorial Scholarship

John Gilchrist Chalmers Technology Scholarship

Chemistry Transferring Student Employee Award

Charles and Anna Cherney Memorial Art Scholarship

Chick-fil-A Team Member Scholarship

Fred V. Chigazola Memorial Scholarship for Music

Jeanne Chown Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Michael Cicanese Memorial Culinary Arts Scholarship

Nettie Clark Memorial Costuming Scholarship

Mead Clark and Senator Herbert W. Slater Transferring Scholarship

Mead Clark and Senator Herbert W. Slater Student Singer Scholarship

Mead Clark and Senator Herbert W. Slater Student Speaker Scholarship

Laura Clelland Nursing Scholarship

Janie Rose Arnold Clemens Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Patricia Cole Scholarship for Petaluma Campus Student

Joel Coleman Memorial Music Scholarship

Charles, Lee and Ken Comalli Agricultural Internship

Commission on the Status of Women Scholarship

Steve Conklin Memorial Scholarship for Non-Traditional High School Graduates

Connections: A Forum for Women in Business Scholarship

Winifred and Steve Connolly Music Scholarship

Robert R. Coombs Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Helen and Jack Cooper Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Kevin D. Cooper Firefighter/EMT Memorial Scholarship

James C. and Clara Hall Cortage Scholarship for Humorous Writers

Marion Coset Memorial Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship

E. Juli Craig Memorial Business Office Technology Scholarship

Ruth Parlé Craig Foreign Language Scholarship

Ruth Parlé Craig Study Abroad Scholarship

Wil and Ruth Craig Human Services Multi-Year Scholarship

John and Debra Crevelli Scholarship

David Crowley Memorial Reentry Scholarship

Culinary Café & Bakery Scholarship

Larry Cullen Memorial Scholarship

Cupric Art Scholarship

Cupric Continuing Student Scholarship

Vivian C. Cutcher Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Marc Dahlgren Memorial Agriculture Scholarship

Norma McClellan Dallachie, RN, FNP Nursing Scholarship

Bob Dallachie, Administration of Justice Scholarship

Kathy Lee Dammarell Memorial Teaching Scholarship

Eileen Davin Make a Change Scholarship

Jim Davis Memorial Economics Scholarship

William R. Day Sr. Opportunity Scholarship

Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, Epsilon Beta Chapter

Richard and Marilyn Dennis Music Scholarship

Dharma Cloud Foundation Scholarship for Outstanding Potential

Christie Eastman Dias Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Ruth Sohler Dibble Nursing Scholarship

Olga Dinelli Memorial Scholarship

Arrieanna F. and Mildred L. Doherty Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Damian H. and Kevin F. Doherty Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Robert Dollar Administration of Justice Memorial Scholarship

Dowd Family Scholarship

Dream Big Scholarship

Lucile Freed Drennon and Don A. Freed Memorial Social Science Scholarship

Bob Duxbury Study Abroad

Early Ford V-8 Club of America, Redwood Empire Regional Group #27, Automotive Scholarship

Early Ford V-8 Club of America, Redwood Empire Regional Group  #27, Welding Scholarship

Rick Edwards Fresh Start Memorial Scholarship

Eiermann Family Scholarship

Electro Optical Components’ Victor Yen Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth's Fund

Raymond B. Ellam Memorial Business Office Technology Scholarship

Elsie Allen High School Foundation Scholarship

Don Emblen Literary Scholarship

Emery Family Memorial Scholarship

Kathleen Anne Emery Memorial Scholarship

Engineering/Science Transferring Scholarship

Eduardo Avila Escalona Memorial Scholarship

ESL Culinary Arts Scholarship

English as a Second Language Scholarship

Donna Lee Estrada Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Fay Evans Art Scholarship

David Farrell Memorial ESL Scholarship

Evelyn Farrell Memorial Reentry Scholarship

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria Scholarship

George C. Feliz Economics Scholarship

Ernest L. and Ruth W. Finley Endowment SRT Awards

Dustin Fiori Memorial Apprenticeship Scholarship

Gilbert B. "Tim" Foote Memorial

Leah Mayfield Ford Scholarship

Norton Forsyth Athletic Scholarship

Foundation 21 - Jonathan C. Christopher Memorial Scholarship

Fountaingrove Lodge Scholarship Fund

Julio Francescutti Memorial Theatre Arts Scholarship

Gertrude and Angelo Franchetti Memorial Life Sciences Scholarship

Frank Family Memorial Scholarship

Joseph James & Mary Ann (Ravenscroft) Frates Memorial Fund

Kathleen L. Fremgen Nursing Scholarship

Kay French Memorial Art Scholarship

Fresh & Natural Scholarship

Ann and Henry Fujita Memorial Chemistry Scholarship

Dennis and Susan Fujita MESA Scholarship

Gary Y. Fujita Memorial Chemistry Scholarship

Future Teachers Scholarship

The Jean Mary Galvin Memorial Tennis Scholarship

Gant Family ESL Scholarship

Gay and Lesbian Leadership Fund

Charles and Lillian Gay Transferring Scholarship

Galen G. George Scholarship

Dennis Gilmore Memorial, SRJC Police Cadet Association Scholarship

Julie H. Gleason Child Development Scholarship

Russ Gleason Memorial Anthropology Scholarship

Leon and Louise Glover Scholarship for Culinary Arts

Carrie Gong-Lowe Horticulture Scholarship

Bettie Underwood Goodman-Malamuth Dental Assisting Scholarship

David Grabill Social Justice Scholarship

Graton Community Club Scholarship

Green Thumb Garden Club of Cloverdale

Robert P. Greiner Memorial History Scholarship

Gabe Griovski Memorial Scholarship

John Warren Gripe Memorial

Peg Gripe Memorial Administration of Justice Scholarship

Ava and Sam Guerrera International Student Scholarship

Ava and Sam Guerrera Study Abroad Scholarship

E.J. "Nin" Guidotti Memorial Political Science Scholarship

Raoul Guzman Memorial Scholarship

Gene Haas Foundation Student Manufacturing Award

Tony Haas Memorial Scholarship

Michael Haberski Memorial Scholarship

Vivien Haigh Memorial Scholarship

Vivien Haigh Memorial Viticulture Scholarship

Hallberg Butterfly Gardens Internship

Marjorie Hammersly Student Excellence Scholarship

Colleen Handley Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Physically Challenged Students

Allene and Randolph Hankla Child Development Education Scholarship

Harvey Hansen Memorial History/Political Science Scholarship

Cheryl Hanson Tutorial Award

Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation Continuing Student Scholarship

Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation Financial Aid Student Success Grant

Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation Foster Youth Success Program Completion Incentive Award

Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation Multi-Year Scholarship

Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation Teaching Fellows Program

Robert and Shirley Harris Family Foundation Transferring Scholarship

Bea and Homer Harris Scholarship

Shirley Harris Memorial Scholarship

Theodore K. Hawkins Mass Communications Scholarship

Hayssen Geography Scholarship

Healdsburg Garden Club

Heath Physics Prize

Heck Foundation Wine Studies Scholarship

Jessie Heinzman HEP Scholarship

Dr. Atlas Hembree Chemistry Scholarship

Inger M. Henninger Memorial Nursing Scholarship

HEP Attendance Award

Fabian Carreras Hermosillo Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hester Family Engineering Scholarship

Chief Carl O. Heynen Memorial Fire Technology Scholarship

Tom Hobart Memorial Agriculture Scholarship

Clifford E. Hodder, Jr. Memorial Social Sciences Scholarship

Michael and Susan Hoey Scholarship

Horticulture Studies Scholarship

Hospitality Advisory Committee Scholarship

Hospitality de los Carneros Scholarship

Milton Hudis Memorial Scholarship for Civil Engineering

Donna L. Huffstutter Engineering Scholarship

Humm Family Physical Sciences Scholarship

Alvin Hunter Memorial Anthropology Scholarship

Blanche E. Hurd Communications Scholarship

Carmine Indindoli Enology/Viticulture Scholarship

International Students Scholarship

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Santa Rosa Lodge #53 Independent Student Scholarship

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Santa Rosa Lodge #53, Carl Feil Memorial Scholarship

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Santa Rosa Lodge #53 Scholarship

Isabel’s Second Chance Scholarship

Thomas Craige Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Dr. John Muir and Audrey Jacobs Memorial Life Sciences Scholarship

Harold Jacobs Environmental Studies Scholarship for Continuing Students

Harold Jacobs Environmental Studies Scholarship for Transferring Students

Mary E. Jacobs Scholarship

Janakes Family Scholarship

Arthur Jaseau Learning Skills Grant

Fred E. Jenner Native American Scholarship

Thomas A. Jerrell Memorial Chemistry Scholarship

Thomas A. Jerrell Memorial Earth Science Scholarship

Thomas A. Jerrell Memorial Engineering/Physics Scholarship

Dorothy C. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Halliday Johnson Nursing Scholarship ADN

Sam and Steffanie Jones Foster Scholar Award

John Jordan Foundation ESL Scholarships

Kay Jordan Memorial Speech Scholarship

Peter A. Jorgensen Memorial Award

Laurie D. Judson Scholarship

William Justman Memorial Automotive/Welding Technology Scholarship

Martin T. Karpa Memorial Vocational Scholarship

Alice Streeter Kellar Art Scholarship

Jack J. Kellar Memorial Scholarship

Robert C. Kelley English Scholarship

Paul and Lucile Kelly Art Scholarship

Fran and George Everett Keppel Scholarship

Emeline Kersey Memorial Culinary Scholarship

Alan B. Kiel Scholarship

Pat Kinahan Memorial Award for Soccer Students

Joseph E. Kinberg Memorial Scholarship

Kirkwood-Bly Civil Engineering Scholarship

Bo and Janet Kirschen High School Equivalency Student Scholarships.

Kiwanis Club of Petaluma Community Service Scholarship

Lenore and Howard Klein Foundation Scholarship

Dr. Pearl Konttas Continuing Student Scholarship

Dr. Pearl Konttas Transferring Student Scholarship

Albert Koran Memorial Culinary Scholarship

Mark A. Kostielney Health Careers Scholarship

Walt and Evie Kotula Memorial Radiologic Technology Award

Alexander H. Kuhnel Reentry Scholarship

Alexander H. Kuhnel Redwood Empire Mensa Scholarship

Alexander H. Kuhnel Transferring Scholarship

Annabel Baker Lagomarsino Scholarship for Continuing Students

Annabel Baker Lagomarsino Scholarship for Ag/Farm Study

Annabel Baker Lagomarsino Scholarship for Leadership

Annabel Baker Lagomarsino Agriculture/Natural Resources Multi-Year Scholarship

Annabel Baker Lagomarsino Scholarship for Transferring Students

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Child Development Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Dental Assisting Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Dental Hygiene Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial EOPS Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Exam Fee Award

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Continuing Student Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Transferring Student Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Multi-Year Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Radiologic Technology Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Part-Time Reentry Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Teaching Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Vocational Nursing Scholarship

F. and C. Lahm Family Memorial Vocational Scholarship

Edwin Langhart Memorial History Scholarship

Maurice Lapp Memorial Scholarship

Joan-lee LaSalle Memorial Theatre Arts Scholarship

Nancy Lee Lawry Child Development Scholarship

Mildred E. Laythe Spring Lake Village Employees Scholarship

LeBaron Photography

Bruce Leonard Lee Memorial Technical Theatre Scholarship

Mike Lee Memorial Viticulture Scholarship

Ray, Sandy and Bryan Lee Memorial Scholarship

R. Elton Leith ESL Scholarship

Robert Elton Leith Career Technical Education Scholarship

Leveque-Garcia Teaching Scholarship

Limitless Scholarship

Alex Ling Memorial Scholarship for International Students

Margaret Ling Vocational Nursing Scholarship

Linkenheimer Accounting Scholarship

The Leona Dixon Lisignoli and Reno Lisignoli Police Officer Standards & Training Scholarship

The Leona Dixon Lisignoli and Reno Lisignoli SRT Scholarship

The Leona Dixon Lisignoli and Reno Lisignoli Vocational Scholarship

George Littrell Horse Management Scholarship

Livingston Radiologic Technology Highest Achievement Award

LoCoco Legacy Horticulture Scholarship

Glenn H. and Mildred B. Long Music Scholarship

Glenn H. and Mildred B. Long Multi-Year Music Scholarship

Joseph M. Long Award

Jose David Lopez Memorial Scholarship

Elrose G. and John B. Lounibos Scholarship

Sanford L. Lowe Scholarship for Excellence in Critical Religious Studies

John Patrick Lynch Memorial Journalism Scholarship

Jimmy MacDonald Peace Officers Scholarship

Margaret Donovan Maclay Memorial History Scholarship

Albert and Helen Maggini Public Service Award

Patricia Maggiora Memorial Art Scholarship

Robert Maggiora Memorial Business Scholarship

Jon Magoon Memorial Fund

Herold and Connie Mahoney Scholarship for Petaluma Campus Students

John and Eva Maiorka Memorial Scholarship

Paul Mancini Memorial Agriculture Scholarship

Jahna K. Muncrief-Zulauf Academic Scholarship

Oscar and Betty Mann Memorial Agriculture Scholarship

Audrey Call Marcelli Music Scholarship

Marin County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship

Marine Corps League Santa Rosa Detachment 686 Scholarship

Jena Marks Scholarship

Eve Martinelli Family Memorial Scholarship for El Molino High School Graduates

Crystal Hentze Marvin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mary's Pizza Shack Scholarship in Memory of Mary Fazio

Bob and Jessie Mastin Athletic Scholarship

Jim Mathiesen Memorial SRJC Police Academy Scholarship Fund

John Thomas Efrem Mattern Memorial Debate Scholarship

Joyce E. Mattern Memorial EOPS Outstanding Transfer Student Award

Lieutenant Richard Lee Matthews Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship

Mattis American Cultures Scholarship

James R. Mazzoni, Sr. and Dagmar Petersen Mazzoni Memorial Scholarship

Susie McCombs Memorial Scholarship

John L. McDonald, M.D. Paramedic Education Scholarship

The McNight Scholarship Fund         

MEChA de SRJC Scholarship

Robert Medley Memorial Chemistry Department Scholarship

Linda Medsker Honors Society Award

Sydney and Laurie Meller Memorial Scholarship

Peggy Page Merga Reentry Scholarship

MESA Quest for Excellence Award

Doris Meyer Memorial Consumer and Family Studies Scholarship

MaryAnne Michaels Outstanding Student Award

Joan G. Michalek Culinary Arts Scholarship

Stan and Rose Michalek Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship

Dr. Roy G. Mikalson Scholarship for Students Pursuing Advanced Degrees

Milden-Mortensen 7-11 Petaluma Lions Club Scholarship 

Ryan Miller Leadership Award

Gladys Dahlmann Milner Memorial Environmental Studies Scholarship

Dr. Nathan B. Miron Memorial Music Scholarship

Jeannette Mancini Mitchell Scholarship

Coach Bob Miyashiro Transfer Scholarship

Montgomery Village Lions Club Student Leader Scholarship

Ida Morgan Memorial Transferring Scholarship

Genevieve Mott Memorial Literary Scholarship

Fermin Murillo-Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship

Henry B. Murphy Memorial Scholarship

My Dog Molly Memorial Scholarship for Veterinary Technicians

Clark and Jo Nattkemper Science Education Scholarship

Randall J. Neff Memorial Teaching Scholarship

Wilma M. Nelson Scholarship

Randolph Newman Scholar Award

Randolph Newman SRJC Alumni and Friends Student Service Award

Randolph Newman Outstanding Continuing Student Leadership Award

Randolph Newman Outstanding Transferring Student Leadership Award

Chester Nicholls Memorial Forest Technology Scholarship

Ellis Nixon Life Sciences Scholarship

North Bay Wool Growers Auxiliary Betty & Oscar Mann/Harlan Wagner Memorial Scholarship

Northern California Farmworker Scholarship

Patricia Noren Memorial Scholarship

North Coast Mac Users Group, Roger Levit Memorial Scholarship

North Coast Wine & Visitor Center Wine Studies Work Experience Scholarship

Mildred Norton Memorial Art Scholarship

Mildred Norton Memorial Music Scholarship

Novato Garden Club, Inc.

Oakmont Art Association Scholarship

Margo O'Brien Business Scholarship

Laura Ojeda Memorial Scholarship

Judy Olin Memorial Landscape Design Scholarship

JoAnn Olsen Memorial Scholarship

Steve Olson Outstanding Agricultural Scholar - Leader Award

Frank Oman Memorial Construction Technology Scholarship

Omega Nu Bunni Cogsdell Memorial History Scholarship

Omega Nu Helen Sloat Grosman Memorial Literary Scholarship

Pat O'Neill Memorial Business Administration Scholarship

Osher Scholar Award

Osher/Lahm Scholar Award

Augusta Osman Transferring Scholarship

L.R. Ottinger Memorial Scholarship for Students from Lake County

Patrick Pacheco Memorial Teaching Scholarship for English Majors

Bonnie Panizzera Fashion Studies Scholarship

Dr. Chung Park Transferring Scholarship

Robert Lewis Parker Memorial Administration of Justice Scholarship

Docia Patchett Teaching Scholarship

Ben Pearson Memorial Scholarship

Patricia Becker Pedersen Agriculture Scholarship

William O. Pedersen Music Scholarship

William O. and Patricia B. Pedersen Business Scholarship

Marianne Pedroncelli Italian Studies Scholarship

Daniel L. Peletz Memorial Education Scholarship

Harold Peletz Memorial Business Administration Scholarship

Ruth Bailey Peletz Adult Reentry Multi-Year Scholarship

Ruth Bailey Peletz Adult Reentry Scholarship

Ruth Bailey Peletz Adult EOPS Scholarship

PEO Chapter HJ, Margaret Stevenson Memorial Nursing Scholarship

PEO Chapter JO, Santa Rosa Reentry Scholarship

PEO Chapter MH, Sebastopol Scholarship

PEO Chapter TH, Santa Rosa Reentry Scholarship

PEO Chapter UQ Scholarship

PEO Chapter UW, Petaluma Book Award

Petaluma Arts Association Scholarship

Petaluma Garden Club

Petaluma Woman's Club Scholarship

Randy Pexton Memorial Machine Tool Technology Scholarship

Pisenti & Brinker Accounting Scholarship

Bernard C. Plover Memorial Transferring Scholarship

Tony Pompeo Memorial Music Scholarship

Victor A. (Vic) Pozzi Scholarship

Elizabeth Quandt Art Prize Scholarship

Marian J. Quill Education Scholarship

Dr. Catherine Quinlan Memorial Transferring Scholarship

Barbara A. and William B. Race Health Sciences Scholarship

Margaret Kraemer Rainwater Memorial Scholarship

Joe and Sheba Rapaport Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Pearl Foster Ravenscroft and Henry A. Ravenscroft Memorial Music Scholarship

Catherine Raymond Environmental Conservation Scholarship

Redwood Empire Classic Chevy Club Scholarship

Redwood Empire Dental Society Paul Levine, D.D.S. Memorial Scholarship

Redwood Empire Construction Specifications Institute Scholarship

Rachel Rhodes Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Lynn and Leonard Riepenhoff Scholarship Fund

Maria Rifo Scholarship for ESL Students

Rincon Valley Women's Club Administration of Justice Scholarship

Rincon Valley Women's Club Associate Degree of Nursing Scholarship

Mariah Roat Memorial Scholarship

The Rodarmel Love of Learning Scholarship

Jason David Rolle Memorial Chemistry Scholarship

Fred and Jesse Rosenberg Memorial Transferring Scholarship

Rotary Club of Sebastopol

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa - Spence and Shirley Flournoy Memorial Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa - Hardester Family Disability Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa - Larry Bello Memorial Occupational Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa - John E. Brown Memorial Veteran's Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa - Jack Levar Memorial Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa - Sorensen/Chase Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa - Christopher Wood Memorial Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation President's Scholarship

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation Trustees Scholarship

Rotary Club of West Santa Rosa Scholarship

Hans Roth Memorial Scholarship

Jack and Mattie P. Rudinow Peace Scholarship at SRJC

Russian River Rotary Viticulture Scholarship

Russian River Rotary Culinary Arts Scholarship

Nancy and Warren Ruud STEM Scholarship Fund

Joyce Rynearson Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Santa Rosa Evening Active 20-30 Club, Dee Duncan Memorial Scholarship

Santa Rosa Garden Club Scholarship

Santa Rosa Garden Club Marjorie Ogard Floral Award

Greg Sarris Native American Scholarship

Saturday Afternoon Club Scholarship

Dan William Scannell Memorial Administration of Justice Scholarship

Marjorie Kerr Schaffer Memorial Art Scholarship

Marjorie Kerr Schaffer Most Creative Sketchbook Award

Carol Cochran Schaffner Education Multi-Year Scholarship

Carol Cochran Schaffner Education Scholarship

Geneva Scheihing Native American Scholarship

Richard F. Schreuder Memorial Fund

August Sebastiani Memorial Native American Scholarship

H. Kent Seegmiller Theatre Arts Scholarship

June L. Severns Memorial Electronic Technology Department Scholarship

SGA Advocacy for Undocumented Students

R. Shapiro Family Foundation Scholarship

Bob Sharp Environmental Scholarship

Ella Sharrocks-Avison Memorial Vocational Nursing Scholarship

John R. Shaw III Memorial Wrestling Scholarship

Andrew Shepard Memorial Scholarship for Student Athletes

Rita Shepherd Memorial Scholarship

Sheridan-Lyman Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship

The Dick Shore Award

Violet Sigerist Nursing Scholarships

Lloyd Silacci Memorial Automotive Technology Scholarship

Christopher Silva Endowment

June L. Silva Scholarship

Jeanne Simons New Horizons ESL Scholarship

Ernestine I. Smith Scholarship

Kim Y. Smith Floristry Scholarship

Megan E. Smith Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Winfield Smith Memorial Firefighters Scholarship

Joseph Smyth Memorial Reentry Scholarship

SNURB Scholarship Fund

John M. Soares Memorial Economics Scholarship

Sonoma County Abalone Network - George Lawry Scholarship

Sonoma County Association of Retired Employees (SCARE) Scholarship

Sonoma County Chorus, Chester Beck Memorial Scholarship

Sonoma County Employer Advisory Council Veterans Scholarship

Greg Walsh Memorial Scholarship sponsored by Sonoma County Employer Advisory Council

Sonoma County Farm Trails Memorial Scholarship

Sonoma County Farm Trails John Smith Memorial Scholarship

Sonoma County Farm Trails Phebe Sorensen Memorial Scholarship

Sonoma County Junior College District Police Department Scholarship

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association Scholarship

Sonoma County Mayors' Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities Educational Scholarship

Southport Land & Commercial Company Scholarship

Vern Spence Scholarship

Irene Spiegel Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Curtis Sprenger Vocal Music Scholarship

Spring Lake Village Residents Nursing Scholarships

Kenneth Allen Springer Memorial Music Scholarship

SRJC Administration of Justice Book Awards:Klaas-Maughmer

SRJC Alumni and Friends Outstanding Faculty Recognition Award

SRJC Alumni and Friends Association Scholarship Honoring Dr. Roy G. Mikalson

SRJC Bookstore Scholarship

SRJC Tom Bower Theatre Arts Scholarship

SRJC College Skills Student Achievement Award

SRJC Engineering/Physics Department Memorial Scholarship

SRJC Horticulture Book Award

SRJC Irish Club Scholarship

SRJC Mathematics Department, Milton Hoehn Scholarship

SRJC Puente Transfer Scholarship

SRJC Radiologic Technology Scholarship

SRJC Retirees and Associates Scholarship

SRJC Marjorie A. Schultz Dance Scholarship

SRJC SRT Endowed

SRJC Student Equity Award

SRJC Wine Classic Scholarships

SRJC Women's Staff and Faculty Support Network Reentry Scholarship

S-STEM MILES Scholarship

Starke Family Scholarship

George D. Stewart Memorial Scholarship

Betty Jane Sthymmel Memorial Scholarship

Sharon E. Stockham Scholarship

Ben Stone Economics Scholarship

Julie Stone Memorial Scholarships

Sueños Scholarship

Sutter Medical Center Auxiliary Endowed Scholarship

Bill and Hilde Sweeney Theatre Arts Scholarship

Clarence "Cook" Sypher Memorial Scholarship

TEC Club Scholarship

Kevin and Erin Temple Foster Youth Scholarship

Sanford K. Thollaug Memorial Scholarship

Richard Thomas Wine Industry Scholarship

Thuestad Single Parent Scholarship

Pat Tognozzi SRJC Classified Senate Scholarship

Dr. Thomas M. and Sandra Torgerson Nursing Scholarship

Dwight and Janet Tracy Vocational Scholarship

Everett J. Traverso Scholarship

Frank Trejo Memorial Scholarship

Rhodes and Margaret B. Trussell Teaching Scholarship

Rhodes and Margaret B. Trussell Human Services Award

Margaret B. Trussell International Students Scholarship

Dr. Arthur Tye Memorial Life Sciences Scholarship

United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay Scholarship

Patricia Van Schaick Dental Assisting Scholarship

Grace Comstock Van Zee Memorial Scholarship

Varenna Employees Scholarship

Luis Vázquez Memorial Scholarship

The Villa Family Scholarship honoring Laura Aspinall

Robert W. "Whitey" Waldron Memorial Administration of Justice Scholarship

Harold M. Walker Memorial Civil Engineering Scholarship

Walt Walters Memorial Viticulture/Enology Scholarship

Izaak Walton Forestry Award

Walter and Kathleen Ward Scholarship Fund

William and Shirley Ward Scholarship

Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County Scholarship

Mattie M. Washburn Memorial Scholarships for Windsor Students

Jerry Waxman Memorial Scholarship

Zana T. Weaver Memorial Transferring Scholarship

Natalie and Jack Weinstein Culinary Scholarship

Welfare League Rose Aleshin Memorial Child Development Scholarship

Welfare League Rose Aleshin Memorial Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Welfare League, Inc. Lesta Boyle Health Sciences Scholarship

Emma Hendrickson Wells Scholarship

Douglas L. and Philomena Whited Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Robert J Whiting Reentry Scholarship for Part-time Trade Technology/Vocational Students

Robert J. Whiting Transferring Scholarship

Robert J. Whiting Construction Technology Scholarship

Robert J. Whiting Diesel Equipment Technology Tool Award

Robert J. Whiting Vocational Scholarship

Mary DeBuhr Wilber Disability Resources Education Scholarship

James E. Wilcox Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Ed Wilkinson Memorial Administration of Justice Scholarship

Williams Scholarship

William and Violet Williams Engineering Scholarships

William and Violet Williams Physics Scholarships

William and Violet Williams Vocational Nursing Scholarships

Audrey Marie Wiltsey Memorial Transferring Scholarship

Audrey Marie Wiltsey Memorial Vocational Scholarship

Windsor Garden Club Scholarship

Women at Ground Zero Scholarship

Dr. Richard Gary Wong Scholarship for Santa Rosa High School Graduates

Al Wood Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca and Al Worden Memorial Art Scholarship

Juanita Wyatt Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Mary and Joseph Yacura Scholarship

Richard Kyle Young Memorial Wrestling Scholarship

Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Scholarship

Ed and Elinor Zumwalt Automotive Technology Scholarship

Don Zumwalt Scholarship