Precollegiate Basic Skills Unit Limitation (Remedial Coursework)

It is the policy of the College to exercise a limit on the number of precollegiate basic skills credit units a student may earn at SRJC. Such limitation will take into account appropriate exemptions and waivers for certain students as permitted by the Title 5 California Code of Regulations. The College shall establish and publish procedures that will assure implementation of reasonable standards for student notification, dismissal, appeal, and reinstatement pursuant to this policy.

The precollegiate basic skills courses include non-degree credit courses in reading, writing, computation, and English as a Second Language designed to ensure acquisition of those skills necessary for successful completion of associate degree, transfer, and career training courses.

A student is permitted to earn a cumulative total of thirty (30) credit units in precollegiate basic skill courses at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Credit course units transferred from other colleges will not count in the thirty (30) unit limitation.

All precollegiate basic skills courses taken by students enrolled in English as a Second Language courses and students identified by the District as having a verified learning disability, acquired brain injury, and hearing impairment are exempt from the thirty (30) unit limitation.

Policy 8.1.14P, Reviewed January 2012