Assessment is a key component of the Student Success and Support Program that includes three steps:  

  1. Assessment for placement
  2. Orientation, and
  3. Counseling. 

Assessment for placement is one of the critical steps to help students start on a successful pathway in college. It is also critical that you understand your placement options, and your rights to access transfer level coursework. If you have graduated from a U.S. high school within the last ten years (or will be graduating this academic year), your math and English placement will be calculated upon admissions and your results can be viewed in your cubby. All other students will do a guided self-placement activity for math and English. If students are interested in English as a Second Language (ESL) coursework, they must take a placement test to determine their appropriate level. The ESL test schedule and the guided self-placement activity can be accessed from the webpage.

Students may fulfill the assessment for placement requirements by using the following information or methods. Specific information regarding each method and eligibility can be found at

High school information (Math and English):

  • High school information submitted through the application process will be reviewed for course placement.
  • Having valid Early Assessment Program (EAP) results that satisfy placement conditions determined by the District can be used if the placement is higher than what would be given by other methods
  • Earning a qualifying Advanced Placement (AP) score in the subject area.

Guided Self-Placement (Math and English):

  • Participating in a Guided Self-Placement activity which allows students (who are not eligible to use HS records for placement) to receive the necessary information to select the most suitable courses

College information (Math and English):

  • Completing an equivalent course at a post-secondary accredited institution in that subject area.
  • Using placement test results from SRJC or other two-year California Community colleges within three years prior to registration if the placement is higher than what would be given by other methods.
  • Obtaining placement results from other two-year California Community Colleges that are calculated in compliance with current legislation.

Placement test (ESL only)

  • Taking the SRJC placement tests within three (3) years prior to initial registration. Special Accommodations: If you have a verifiable disability and require accommodations for the ESL placement tests, contact Disability Resources Department at the Santa Rosa Campus at (707) 527-4278 or the Petaluma Campus at (707) 778-2430.